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Make beautiful and lasting memories with your family by going to John Ball Zoo. Not only will you have quality bonding moments with your loved ones but you will also get to learn and be amused by their variety of exhibits such as the Chimpanzee and Elephant Exhibits, and also their famous petting zoos. This enjoyable family time need not give stress on your financial budget. Just simply acquire John Ball Zoo Coupons.

John Ball Zoo is a 100-acre park situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. It houses a collection of over 2000 animals from Africa, Asia, Australia, and America. Aside from supporting a Wildlife Conservation Program, the John Ball Zoo also maintains the John Ball Zoo School which is reputedly known as the second best middle school in Michigan. It also encourages its citizens to be environmentally conscious by letting them participate in its volunteer program.

You may be in a business trip or a vacation with your family, or simply just in town, don’t forget to put John Ball Zoo in your itinerary as one of the places to visit. Save on admissions fee by taking advantage of the John Ball Zoo Discount Tickets.

If you want to see the majestic African lion, the graceful and touchable stingrays, or perhaps have fun with the chimpanzees, simply go to the John Ball Zoo. Enjoy and be amazed at the varying activities like animal interactive exhibits, animal rides, and the aviary, just to name a few. John Ball Zoo also caters to your party and social needs. It also gives adventure to your next group or corporate training and activities.

Fun and surprises await you at John Ball Zoo. Don’t forget to benefit from the Discount John Ball Zoo Tickets which can really help you save a lot of money on your trip to the zoo.

You can get your Discounts with any of the following:

Official Web Site: Check out their Web site at for some promos and discounts available.

Newsletter: Get a free subscription and you will receive the latest news and promos.

Social Networking Sites: If you follow John Ball Zoo in Facebook, you may get special promos or printable discount coupons.

Print Materials: Check often the entertainment part of the local newspaper to see the availability of John Ball Zoo Discounts

Chamber of Commerce: The local area Chamber of Commerce Internet site can help you pinpoint to find John Ball Zoo Coupons.

American Automobile Association: A number of zoos provide a 10% discounted price if you are a member of the AAA.

Hotel Deals and Resorts: Hotels at the neighboring area might have pre-printed coupon vouchers and zoo discounts.

Nearby Retailers: Some nearby retailers will have pre-printed discounted vouchers and zoo promo codes.

Annual Membership: Member benefits include free admissions to John Ball Zoo throughout the year.

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours & Rates:

May 27 thru September 5 – open daily 9am-6pm

Winter Hours & Rates:

September 6 thru October 31 – open daily 10am-4pm

Admission Ticket Prices

Summer Admission Prices:

  • Adults (ages 14-62) = $8.50
  • Seniors (ages 62+) = $7.50
  • Children (ages 3-13) = $6.50
  • Children (ages 2 and under) = Free
  • Military Families = discount above pricing by $2.00

Winter Admission Prices:

  • Adults (ages 14-62) = $5.00
  • Seniors (ages 62+) = $5.00
  • Children (ages 3-13) = $4.00
  • Children (ages 2 and under) = Free

Membership Levels

(Prices do not include tax.)

Basic Memberships:

  • Naturalist: $125
  • Household Plus Two Membership: $85
  • Household Plus One Membership: $75
  • Household Membership: $65
  • Grandparent Plus Two Membership: $85
  • Grandparent Plus One Membership: $75
  • Grandparent Membership: $65
  • Individual Plus One Membership: $50
  • Individual: $30
  • Senior Individual Plus One Membership $40

John Ball Founder’s League:

  • John Ball Founder’s League Zoologist: $250
  • John Ball Founder’s League Scientist: $500
  • John Ball Founder’s League Explorer: $1,000

Beyond the Ticket Club:

  • Beyond the Ticket Club Level 1 – An annual gift of $250
  • Beyond the Ticket Club Level 2 – An annual gift of $500

Service & Non-profit Organizations:

Public and Private Schools are ineligible to receive Service Non-Profit Memberships.

Address and Contact Information

PO Box 2506, 1300 W. Fulton
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-2506

Fax: 616-336-3907
General Zoo Information: Call 616-336-4300

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