St. Louis Zoo Coupons

If you are looking for some fun at no cost, the St Louis Zoo is a good place to hangout. Admission is free which means you get to see all your favorite animals at no cost. The zoo only charges for selected attractions inside the zoo, so you still need to carry with you St. Louis Zoo Coupons and keep them handy in case you need them.

The zoo was founded in 1904 after the St. Louis World’s Fair which took place in St. Louis, Missouri. The citizens of that place decided to buy a walk-through bird cage which was originally made for the World’s Fair. This was the first piece of what is now known as the St. Louis Zoo. St. Louis Zoo is now considered as a leading zoo in animal research, conservation, education and management.

The St. Louis Zoo is divided into different zoo zones namely: River’s Edge which is an exhibit displaying the elephants, cheetahs, and hyenas living side by side; and The Wild, an exhibit featuring the sub-Antarctic to tropical rainforest animals like the penguins, bears, and great apes. Other fascinating exhibits are the Discovery Corner, Historic Hill, Red Rocks, and Lakeside Crossing. For a minimal fee, you can also watch the Sea Lion Show, Penguin Feedings, Kangaroo Feeding, and Bear Feeding. All these activities promote animal conservation in the guise of fun and interactive activities. It might also interest you to get closer to the animals by participating in the Behind-the-Scenes Tours. It is a good opportunity to learn a lot of things about the animals, their keepers, and the zoo in general.

Strolling in a zoo with free admission can be real fun. How much more if you can also enjoy the different attractions for a discounted price using the St. Louis Zoo Discount Tickets. Find them first in any of the following before making your visit to the zoo:

Group Discounts: Special group rates for the different attractions and food discounts apply to group with 15 or more members. Call them for more information on how to avail this.

Hotel Partners: You can also get AAA discount tickets from many hotels in the surrounding area. Inquire in their frontdesk if they have special deals for St. Louis Zoo.

School Groups: If you are planning to hold your field trip in the zoo, call them first to know how to avail of the Discount St Louis Zoo Tickets for school groups.

Social Networking Sites: Coupons for the zoo are also available in the social networking sites. Follow Stlzoo in Facebook and Twitter, and stlzootube in YouTube to get them.

Zoo Membership: You get special benefits and free admission in all the attractions at St. Louis zoo by purchasing membership.

Hours of Operation

Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily

Holiday Hours:

Admission and Ticket Prices

Admission to the zoo is FREE, although there are fees for some attractions. Attractions are weather-dependent and subject to change.

Safari Pass:

One-day pass is $10/person and includes one admission to the Children’s Zoo, Zooline Railroad, Sea Lion Show, Conservation Carousel, 3-D Movie, and Motion Simulator.


Address and Contact Information

Saint Louis Zoo
One Government Drive
St. Louis, MO 63110

Tel. # (314) 781-0900
Toll free # (800) 966-8877

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